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Bluestone for Steps. Complete your outdoor walkway, patio, pool, or doorstep with our Thermal Bluestone Treads. Josh Braen is the general manager of Braen Supply. Slate 12 in. Mountain Blue Sandstone Treads have a flamed finish and are available in a wide range of sizes and dimensions. NextStep laminate tread 0.375-in x 11.5-in x 48-in matching Allen+Roth Estate Stone. Bluestone is a very practical and beautiful natural stone used in virtually any construction projects required patio or steps building or put atop as finish cap. Sort by . BOSS Landscape Company shows you an overview of building stone and mortar steps with thermal bluestone treads, accent wall and fieldstone walkway. Unit price / per . PA Bluestone Treads. This versatile property makes bluestone extremely popular among contractors as well as homeowners. As a result, the stone treads make the stairs functional during periods of rain, or in areas around swimming pools. At Superior Stone, we provide only top quality blue stone treads – vibrant in color and the perfect fit for your outdoor living projects! It is sawn cut on all sides giving it a uniform shape and a smooth finish. Aqua Shield Argyle 8.5 in. Bluestone Treads. Longer, wider treads will require more of an investment than purchasing the same number of shorter, narrower treads. This packing material may have sand and cement in it, but it isn't rated for adhesion. Bluestone Treads are sold tumbled, full range, flamed, and natural. From cut dimensional stone used in patios, walkways and stair treads to architectural stone used in buildings, our Pennsylvania Bluestone … It's difficult to see, but if you can, notice how the separate bluestone pieces are lined up nicely going from step to step. Natural stone stairways can add a touch of romance, elegance and sophistication to any landscape. Bluestone remains one of the most popular Landscape Stone choices at Wicki Stone. The texture of the stone also provides it with a natural traction that helps to promote safety in wet conditions. New Treads for Brick Steps. Bluestone is also an excellent option for stair treads because it can so easily be worked into most landscaping themes and styles. In order for the steps to truly compliment the property and add value to the home, it’s important that the treads are able to tie the theme of the landscape together while also remaining safe and functional. These bluestone treads are offered in multiple different lengths and depths, while providing an … Some of the more popular bluestone treads are available in lengths ranging from 4ft-8ft long, 12″ and 14″ wide and 2″ thick. These treads coordinate beautifully with a variety of pavers, slabs, stacked stone, tiles, and flagstones in our inventory allowing for a coordinated design throughout exterior projects. These characteristics make it possible for the treads to withstand heavy foot traffic, and to resist the negative effects of the elements. Drop Face Pool Coping Tiles and Step Treads with a rounded edge Priced from only $42 per piece Sizes Stocked: 800mm x 350mm x 40/20mm … Sale Sold out. Genuine Harkaway Bluestone Rebated Bullnosed Edge Pool Coping Tiles and step treads. Single Row Pallets Available : Off Color Treads. Available in thicknesses of: 1 1/2" 2" Available in lengths of: 3' to 8' Available in widths of: 8" 10" 12" 14" 18" 20" 24" Step Treads. Rainbow Sandstone Treads. Depending on the size of your property, or the intended function for your steps, you’ll need to be able to work with the properly sized bluestone treads. It’s also important to purchase directly from a stone supplier, as larger retailers who do not produce their own product will need to charge more. They are sawn cut on all sides giving it a uniform shape and a smooth finish. However, unlike setting tile where a mortar bed is all that is needed, flagstones need a thick bed of packing mortar, usually a few inches thick. With its naturally rough texture, bluestone is a good choice for outdoor steps. We stock in our Sydney warehouse mostly the HARKAWAY Bluestone with smaller amounts of Chinese Blue … Regular price $135.28 Sale price $135.28 Regular price. He manages both the inside and outside sales staff and oversees all day-to-day operations. We have 6 different types of granite in varying colors to meet your projects design needs. May 4, 2016 - Explore John Vlacancich's board "blue stone stoop" on Pinterest. With Bluestone walkway and patio stone, pool and porch deck stone, wall stone, building stone, treads, steps, bridge and dive rocks, slabs and more - we have a great selection of Bluestone Products for sale. Most producers of bluestone will cut the treads to the exact size needed. Whether a blue stone tread or a more vibrant sandstone, we can provide you with a stone stair tread to suit your needs. Your imagination is the only limitation. Bluestone price from $36m2 through to $89m2. Homeowners throughout NJ have come to recognize Braen Supply as a leading supplier of superior bluestone treads. It is also used for natural steps, natural stone veneer, and other landscape features. 2" X 16 X 84 BLUESTONE TREAD. Regular price $157.83 Sale price $157.83 Regular price. Bluestone treads are an extremely popular and smart option as there are various sizes available and it is a durable material. bluestone super treads. Copyright © 2019 Braen Supply. Indian Sandstone (also known as Brownstone )Treads . Regardless, their labor costs tends to range between $9 and $17 per square foot. Bluestone. Bluestone Concrete Paver (48-Pieces/48 sq. Order 100s of items to your door with fast delivery - Serving all of Connecticut. Please call 973-835-1419 to schedule an appointment. Need a custom finish? Bluestone Stair Treads & Planking Precision sawn and then flamed for a rustic, non-slip surface, bluestone treads have a wide range of applications and harmonize with about any style and color range. Komar Project 858,517 views We stock pavers, tile, drop face coping around the pool and step treads in Harkaway Bluestone, Australia’s best quality bluestone. Choose from the biggest bluestone pavers selection: pattern bluestone, irregular flagging, bluestone treads/coping, bluestone steps and custom cut blue stone. Fortunately, these stones are cut to meet various sizing needs. blusestone treads. Benefits of Bluestone Treads Some of the key advantages to utilizing bluestone as the material for your stair treads is that it is extremely tough and durable. The amount of steps involved will also impact price. Patio contractors charge different amounts depending on their experience, your location, size of the patio and various other factors. Description; Reviews (0) Product Enquiry; Product Description. Gallery. Please stop by to see our selection of treads. Extremely durable bluestone is a natural choice for outdoors patios and walkways. Home » Blue Stone Pavers » 800 x 350mm Bluestone Bullnose Step Treads 16. Bluestone treads are a classic way of adding character to natural stone steps or even dress up existing concrete steps,Use them to accent walls, pools, or walkways. From the fossil-like colors of our Jurassic treads, to the wood grain-like patterns in Teakwood treads we have a stair tread choice for almost any application. Bluestone can be used for a number of applications including patios, pool decks, walkways, steps, and more! Northeast Stone Works, Inc. 2 Public Avenue P.O. Bluestone makes for gorgeous and practical treads, whether placed atop stairs comprised of bluestone, or other natural stone materials. As bluestone is available in various sizes, you can customize a staircase to your exact specifications. Finishes include thermal, honed, polished, bush hammered, brushed and river washed. These variations make it easier to find a color scheme that will fit with your existing landscape. Granite is a dense stone with strength can withstand even the harshest winters. Granite & Bluestone Treads Prices Expect to pay between $10 and $60 per stair tread, or $200 to $1,200 for an entire exterior staircase. A full selection of lengths, widths and depths are available to ensure that you’re able to construct a functional set of stairs that is properly sized and scale for your landscape. However, it is most commonly employed to build outdoor paving areas, like walkways and patios, according to The Stone Yard. Sale Sold out. Bluestone pavers are constantly featured in architectural and home design magazines with it's natural colors that can be contemporary or rustic looking. Put a three-quarter-inch layer on each riser with a trowel and use a level to check it before laying the bluestone stair treads. First, you’ll need to determine how large your project will be. The most popular are bluestone treads, steps, slabs, sills, mantels & hearths and pattern bluestone flagging. Cutting services available – call for details. This durable stone comes in a full selection of lengths and widths. Unit price / per . Stair treads, capstone, rustic countertops or large pavers are just a few of the ways this popular and versatile stone is used. brownstone treads. Cut To Order . 2" X 16 X 72 BLUESTONE TREAD. Bluestone Super Treads. Filter by. Granite Treads. Whether you’re looking to construct front steps leading up to your home, or would like to build a grand staircase leading from your patio to a flower garden, you’ll find the right bluestone treads to match. The difference is that the treads are done in several pieces; Natural stone risers are dry laid. Set your store to see local availability Add to Cart. The Wanaque showroom will be open to clients by appointment only. Bluestone treads could be used as treads on segmental retaining wall risers. While your steps can add these elements they need an additional piece to complete the property. We can do that, too. Despite the fact that bluestone tends to be more expensive than concrete cast treads, many homeowners believe that the beauty and versatility of the material makes it worth the cost. New York Bluestone (also known as Pennsylvanian Bluestone) is a natural stone stair tread known for its Blue-Gray color. 2" X 16 X 84 BLUESTONE TREAD. We have a wide range of industry experts on staff that can provide you with a variety of advice on your upcoming projects. These treads coordinate beautifully with a variety of pavers, slabs, stacked stone, tiles, and flagstones in our inventory allowing for a coordinated design throughout exterior projects. All Rights Reserved. Here we offer the largest showroom in NJ, which will allow you to see all of the different options we offer. Interior Exterior Pool Surround Pool Coping Driveways Patio Paths. Some of the key advantages to utilizing bluestone as the material for your stair treads is that it is extremely tough and durable. https://www.superiorstoneandfireplace.com/stone/bluestone-treads Compare. Bluestone products have many uses, from cut dimensional stone used in patios, walkways and stair treads to architectural stone used in buildings. Bluestone Thermal Blue 2″ Thick Treads Available Sizes: Widths: 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 24 inch Lengths: 3-8 foot. When Bluestone treads are full range they have accent hues of tan, rust, orange, brown, and green. It’s non-slip, making this a natural stone for steps that can get slick and icy in winter weather. Bluestone treads for stairs. They come in a variety of sizes, starting at 3′ and ranging up to 9′. If you’d prefer to see some of our bluestone treads in person, we encourage you to visit our Wanaque location. Center each tread and set it in place with the textured edge outward. x 1.5 in. Sydney- STONE PAVERS specialise in stocking a wide variety of quality natural stone tiles & natural stone pavings. Pennsylvania Bluestone is a layered sandstone that has many uses. Depending on the quarry, bluestone may be more of a dark or light blue-gray tone. TRU Blue Bluestone is a sandstone tread with a flamed finish and are available in a wide range of sizes and dimensions. x 12 in. The joints alternate on each step, which is definitely how it should be! ft./Pallet) Model# S31212048 $ 633 00 /pallet $ 633 00 /pallet Free delivery. These steps have blue stone treads and natural stone risers also. 6" x 16" shown : PA Bluestone Treads. These characteristics make it possible for the treads to withstand heavy foot traffic, and to resist the negative effects of the elements. Bluestone Treads are beautiful and practical. x 30 in Stair Treads (Set of 4) Bluestone Model# 20620581 $ 51 40 /set $ 51 40 /set Free delivery. General Comments. rainbow sandstone treads. Our bluestone is dressed and modular for a relaxed but neat appearance. 2" X 16 X 72 BLUESTONE TREAD. Labor makes up the remaining costs of your patio installation. The base color of the stone is silvery blue. Steps are constructed on a 6-inch base of compacted crushed stone, and at least 8-inches of wall stones below grade, but they do not require a concrete foundation so they are more economical than masonry steps. Its versatility, durability, and natural beauty are some of the reasons why this product continues to grow in popularity. Step Four – Setting the Treads and Landing Mix your mortar until it’s just thick enough to hold its shape if rolled into a ball. Bluestone stair treads are a bluish silver, limestone a off-white color. Box 332 Montrose, PA 18801 See more ideas about patio stones, blue stone, stoop. Bluestone and Limestone are both natural stone options for outdoor steps, so here are some characteristics to help you decide between them for your Spring Lake Heights, NJ, project. We’ve been in the industry for more than a decade, giving us the knowledge and experience to provide the finest materials to our customers. Treads cover existing steps to add a better look and protection for the unit. Thickness 1 – 1/2″ – 2″ Categories: Natural Stone Steps, Steps, Treads & Coping. Shop Stairtek Estate Stone Stair Tread in the Stair Treads department at Lowe's.com. Using this choice also allows you to mix and match materials, such as concrete steps with granite treads. They are generally 1-1/2″ – 2″ thick. Bluestone treads are a natural stone stair tread known for the Blue-Gray color. Blue stone is used for a wide variety of purposes, including bridges, driveways, walls, steps, landings and indoor projects. Browse 273 Bluestone Treads on Houzz Whether you want inspiration for planning bluestone treads or are building designer bluestone treads from scratch, Houzz has 273 pictures from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including Haven Design Workshop and Living Earth Landscapes. If you are looking for more color in your treads our five other stone stair tread choices might fit the bill. How to Prep and Build a Paver Patio with Curves and Border \\ DIY Project - Duration: 11:46. Of course, the attractive coloration of bluestone is another major draw. We offer our bluestone treads for pickup or bulk delivery across NJ, NY, PA and CT. 23 products. Bluestone is one of several types of flagstones that can be installed in patios, decks, porches or interior settings. The cost to install bluestone treads will vary based upon several different factors.

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