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The Washington Football Team is experiencing some setbacks in its rebranding attempt. Therefore: really do question if a rebranded logo is even necessary! It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. As already said, erasing an iconic element from the brand logo may confuse your customers. Tradition is essential when designing a logo for a football team. Telegram WhatsApp 12 5. Our advice is hence: never go for something too complicate when designing a city logo. Try not to do the same mistakes and contact us at Klint Marketing! Customers just want to perceive a brand as it is, not a failed attempt to appear like something else. Community activists in New York City say an attempt to rebrand a section of Harlem is insulting and another sign of gentrification run amok. Gap’s original logo was around for longer than most graphic designers have been alive, and therefore it was understandable when the company wanted to rebrand itself. By. When starting designing a new logo for a big company; don’t change it completely. Animal Planet is without a doubt one of the most popular TV stations across the … Borrowing the .co from Colombia, Overstock.com completely lost its company identity. Do not change your name in something that may alienate your customers. The problem was that people failed to recognize the new Tropicana branding and their sales dropped by 20 %. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. No one can argue that in the football world, tradition and identity are two crucial factors in loyalty. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Customers have an emotional bond with logos, even small changes to the design could result in confusion. And not no-name companies either. In Uganda, a scheme has been set up whereby Nokia has teamed up with Gareem bank, a micro loan organisation and MTN, an African mobile service … Just a few of these were that the new logo was difficult to read and understand. Originality is a must; do not copy from other brands. Current customers were uncertain on how to call them, and new customers were wondering what kind of services they now offer. With department stores all over the world, GAP is an international clothing retailer. Their new packaging showed the actual product – a clear glass full of orange juice. What was this company: toothpaste or mail delivery? The new logo includes only the brand name and a little blue box on top of the last letter. The rebranding campaign was met with a lot of confusion among the existing customers. Geeda Vey , April 29, 2020 1. Avoid adding unnecessary elements. They chose for a more minimalistic look, which they thought would be perceived fresh and simple. The rebranding was successful in satisfying aims 4 and 5, but failed to be successful in aims 1, 2, 3. It can have different meanings in other cultures or languages, of which some may be hidden meanings for the new generations. It’s sometimes better to simplify or improve an existing logo. What can we learn from this example of global logo failure? By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website in accordance with our. On multiple occasions, someone has reached out to us in desperation in the immediate aftermath of a failed rebrand attempt. Controversy plagued the ill-advised project from the get-go. Nothing else to add, but that is simply boring if you ask us…. Massimiliano Taddei. For each event, a different logo design is created to celebrate it. It's funny that we're starting this list and ending it with the same family, but that's what can happen with influencer marketing. The company eventually made a new logo but kept the 2016 design for corporate communications. They ended up with a logo that could look like a smoking poop. The retail company Sears decide on changing its logo in 2019 in the hope of boosting their sales. Blogger. The new logo completely differs from the old one; the only consistent element is the color palette. They discovered that their customers preferred the classic J.C. Penney logo. A failed rebranding attempt was the South West Film Studios which went bankrupt and fraudulently taken £3 million from Objective One. Try to look at your logo from different perspectives. Facebook. And not no-name companies either. This rebranding was perceived with a lot of mixed feelings however. Tropicana’s estimated sales dropped as much as 20% before they reverted back to their familiar design. Which of the three do you think is better? The Best and Worst Coronavirus Ad Campaigns of 2020, most hated customer services in the United States, they had overcome their customer service issues, looking impersonal and resembling a “discount” or “on-sale”. As already said in the Leeds United crest, football fans are emotionally bonded to the team colors. Your target audience has an interest in your product or service … What can we learn from the rebrand failure of Pepsi? While the team attempts to reinvent themselves moving forward, Washington failed at their rebranding with a Twitter hashtag. Make a logo easy to understand and to read. Inc., the web service provider that is not so famous anymore tried to gain back its customers in 2013 by chaning its logo. Your email address will not be published. Somehow the "we filmed a van" genre failed to make its mark on history, so whichever poor soul paid $1.50 and a gas station sandwich for the home-video rights to The Van had to do some creative rebranding. Therefore, after some time the company decided to change its name to ”PwC” which was easier to remember, and still had a clear link to the company history. Not the first thing you want to think about when you buy chocolate . If your old logo is iconic and easy to recognize you should maintain the important elements. In an attempt to attract new customers and move upmarket, the pizza giant spent £18m on the rebrand which failed abysmally and the words Pasta and … The new logo was seen as a downgrade, with an element added that people did not get (the purple dot), and the letters ‘db’ making it complex and fuzzy to read. So why are we discussing failed rebrands on … After having had the same logo for 70 years, the oil company British petroleum decided to change its logo in 2000. Adobe Premiere Video Editing for TikTok: a Guide. Do you want more information or help with a rebrand? After 5 months of hard work, Pepsi’s designers came with a new logo. The new logo reads “Moz://a” which creative director Tim Murray commented with: “Because it has a portion of URL embedded in the middle of the logo, you know this must be some kind of internet company.”. Amazon said it was rebranding Twitch Prime, in another attempt to crack the video game market after a big-budget game effort failed. What can we learn from this example of a rebrand fail? The new one looks more like a headphone company logo. When you decide to rebrand, always remember which business you are operating in, and what the expected future of it is. Geeda Vey , April 29, 2020 1. It is worldwide renowned for its iconic peacock look-alike colorful logo. However, RadioShack decided to keep both names on the logo. Although there are plenty of examples of successful rebranding, there are so many more examples of it going horribly wrong. Be original. Always keep in mind the emotional bond that customers have towards your logo. They couldn’t trademark the name ‘SciFi’ and therefore went for the less-researched, alternate spelling. … That year, the GAP decided out of the blue to change its well-recognised logo to a new version with a bland font and a much-detested gradient. Many of them even had to close down their stores. The private security company Blackwater Worldwide gained a lot of negative coverage after an incident in 2007 in Iraq, where 14 civilians were killed during an operation. Even though a company may think they chose an appealing and easy-to-pronounce brand name, it may turn into a challenge for their customers. Design a new logo that doesn’t throw out a long positive history. Cottbus’ new logo was a mix of a broad color palette shaped without a distinct form, and hence was met with a lot of confusion. You’ll find example after example of companies that have tried to rebrand only to see their efforts fail. The web platform DeviantART was made for artists to post their works, share it with other artists, and hereby boost their creativity. In 2009 the sweet chocolate confections company Hershey’s (or more formal: The Hershey Company) decided to rebrand itself. Since after all, changing the name of a company does not change its reputation! In 2012 Vincent Tan bought the Cardiff City Football Club. Pepsi has changed their logo multiple times over the course of their company history and hence it is no stranger to logo designs. A poor explanation for a well-known company that does not really need to explain its industry. Similar to most mainstream marketing campaigns, branding or rebranding a city requires plenty of thought and consideration. In just six days, Gap reverted to their original design and all was well again. In 2011 the company decided to move along with a new logo that completely erased the iconic elements, leaving only the written name of the company. Some fail miserably.This usually happens because the rebranding process was not done right. Especially in the current environment, where equality and diversity are standing strong, this campaign was perceived as sexist, and excluding women. What can we learn from the example of Xerox’s rebranding efforts? After a short while, Royal Mail decided to go back to their old name and logo design, and leave Consignia on the side. The Lesson: Publicity stunts and other forms of experiential marketing take a great deal of planning. The latest such setback was trying and failing to create an official team hashtag. The core of the rebrand process however excluded audience consideration and was driven by board-level business decisions. Always ask your target group about a change of name. When designing a new city logo, its tradition must therefore be clearly visible. The company decided to replace the iconic triangle with a simple dot. Pizza Hut tried to rebrand itself as "The Hut," apparently in an attempt to appeal to a younger demographic. It then resorted to the issue of search and seizure warrants following earlier failed attempts at obtaining information. However, this is something that Holiday Inn failed to do when they rebranded back in 2007. Re-branding loan scheme is a criminal offence Re-branding loan scheme is a criminal offence. You agree that Klint Marketing using the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services. As obvious as it may sound, a rebranding campaign may not be sufficient to restore one’s reputation. Some end up as disasters too. With the new elements being difficult to understand, and not providing a proper explanation of the company, the new logo was a disaster. What can we learn from this example of the Oxford Dictionary rebranding failure? Sadly, a good number of recent rebranding attempts seemed to just crash and burn. However, Tan decided to not make it a complete return of the logo, by leaving a small figure of the red dragon at the bottom of the old logo. in 2009. Twitter. Every business turns into a brand at some point during its existence. Consistent presentation of a brand has seen to increase revenue by 33%. Facebook. In this article, we focus on well known brands that decided to rebrand and the unexpected outcomes as a result. Today they’ve continued to evolve their brand using this same logo. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Some of the main reasons for a company to go through a rebranding are; internationalization, consolidation of a brand, a bad reputation, or a new CEO. When you want to develop a marketing campaign around your new logo, keep in mind that your customers expect a perceivable change from previous logos. Consistent presentation of a brand has seen to increase revenue by 33%. Every team crest has a classic design. *Martech - Setting up Marketing Tech Stack & Automation.Creativity - Creating Branded Content & improving Content Strategy to Drive Conversions.Business Consultancy - Looking for Mentorship, Workshops, or other Consulting Services.Lead generation - Need to Increase Traffic to Website & Generate Leads to Drive Sales.SoMe & Ads - Managing Targeted Ads, Remarketing, & Content to Increase Engagement.PR & Amplification - Building Backlinks and Referral Traffic to Boost Site Authority.Marketing Department - Need to Build a Marketing Department or Support an Existing One with a Wide Spectrum of Services.Other. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Leeds United failed in keeping this up with its redesigned logo. Think of a brand success story, and you may well think of Coca-Cola. Changing these elements is therefore a bad rebranding choice. RadioShack decided to change its name from RadioShack to “The Shack”. Bootea Shake: Copy and Paste Caption . Seattle’s Best Coffee is the second biggest coffee roaster in the USA, second only to Starbucks (which actually acquired Seattle’s Best Coffee in 2003). Not even 6 days later the company decided to go back to the old logo design. You’ll find example after example of companies that have tried to rebrand only to see their efforts fail. Here are seven of the worst ones rolled out in 2018. It is best to involve their opinions in the change, and else only just try to simplify it. Their assumption: people associated Mastercard with the two colored circles. In 2011 the US-based online retail company Overstock.com Inc. made a major change to its brand by changing its name to O.co. For every successful rebrand, there are dozens of failed attempts that cost millions of dollars, not to mention the jobs of countless marketers. There is a lot of risk associated with rebranding a business due to the the equity the company built over time. They had been doing good for 120 years and were renowned for their traditions. Some have speculated the GAP rebranding was so bad it was a PR stunt. Looking at both logos, the old one was easy to understand and consisted of elements that were easily relatable to the brand name. July 29, 2020. 10. “Bad rebrands” happen all the time. The newly added swoosh with gradient color really does not give a fresh look to a company that bases all of its industry on trust and reputation. Complicate designs are difficult to recall. Sometimes there is no need to change a logo if it works. Hoever, the chosen logo was just a slight change from the old one. The New York Times highlighted this case of extreme customer consternation in an. Simply put, rebranding is hard and not every organization is capable of pulling one off. Avoid changing an iconic element into something simple. Throughout the brand marketing strategy, the logo of a company is one of the most important aspects to care about. 2. Below is an example of a rebranding effort taking itself too seriously: Staples logo changeStaples: the office supply and back to school retailer goes all-out Michael Bay / Hollywood to unveil a logo that looks pretty much the same: No matter the reason for a company rebrand initiative, you should always be aware of in order to avoid a “rebrand fail“: If you have decided that your company needs rebranding, then you should be aware of how others have navigated their journey. What can we learn BP’s new brand identity? Doncaster (1999-2004) a 400 acre leisure park was built which cost the government £60 million for the millennium project. Interestingly enough some of the elements are strangely similar to the Beats by Dre company logo. What can we learn from GAP’s rebranding fail? Before, the corporate name was prominently placed in the front and center. The leisure park was closed down in 2004 because it was generating limited interest. If your company is in the oil industry and produces the majority of pollution in the world, it is a tough shot to make the design resemble an environmentally conscious brand. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. The new marketing was only targeting men, with the main slogan being “It’s not for women”. What they did was keeping the original logo and adding an element next to the name. Do not complicate your logo just for the sake of change. The team in charge of the rebranding complained about the lack of support and finances. Then somebody noticed that the only huts in … Mastercard walked its new logo back quite a bit. What can we learn Deviant Art’s example of a rebranding nightmare? 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This was not the case for the rebranded logo of Cottbus, who developed a difficult-to-explain design in 2008. We spoke with award-winning branding agency Method, Inc. and branding guru … As already said, customers may be emotionally bond to logo design. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. New coke was a Coca cola brand failure story. Especially when it regards an important company that has a diverse clientele, it is of even bigger importance to use simple, explanatory words. On multiple occasions, someone has reached out to us in desperation in the immediate aftermath of a failed rebrand attempt. The old logo gave the company a nice and silicon valley vibe look. That may be one of the reasons why Pepsi has kept using the logo on their products to this day, even though there was such critique on it. They actually developed a marketing campaign around it, with a new design being revealed every day for a whole month. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. However, not all rebranding attempts go well. What do you need help with? When a rebrand it is done right, the company will see an increase in sales from new and existing customers. Ironically, the process of several failed rebranding attempts was constantly hindered by all the things that led to the country’s bad image in the first place. In 2012 the Olympic games were hosted in London, UK. What can we learn from PwC’s example of a rebranding fail? But… British petroleum is everything but green. They opted to keep the intersecting circles and focus on the removal of the company name. The new campaign was supposed to target men, however, the results turned out to be quite horrendous. #15 - RadioShack. Yet in 1985 the Coca-Cola Company decided to terminate its most popular soft drink and replace it with a formula it would market as New Coke. Not the best marketing for a long-lasting company. However, PricewaterhouseCoopers used to operate based on a long tradition and a loyal customer base. In 2014, they decided to change the logo. When that happens, companies need to take remedial measures to rectify their mistakes. The telecommunication company Verizon changed its logo in 2015, as an attempt to take a fresh and original direction. No longer looks rich. Maintain your colour palette, and only improve the logo if needed. What can we learn from JCPenney’s attempt to rebrand itself?

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